Monday, August 17, 2009

NORAL art for my Birthday!!

So the 16th was my birthday and I am now 22!! Ok so my friend Laron makes customized apparel and accessories (t-shirts, bags, baby clothing, he does it all!) and I wanted a bag from him for the longest. Now my pockets are very stiff right now considering my unemployment status LOL so I wasn't able to get one. Well my bestie KyAsia suprised me yesterday and handed me a yellow bag custom made by Laron and I shed a couple of tears lol! I am in love! I felt like it was so personalized and had all of my personality on a bag of my favorite color!!!!

If anyone wants one let me know I will give you his contact info! NORAL art is going places so I suggest you get something now before everything is as expensive as gucci LOL. Please believe he is great at what he does and if you request something he can work with you and make it as flyy as possible. Thank you KyAsia and thank you Laron my birthday was complete! :)

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