Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Beauty in The Now

There is something freeing when you can identify one of the constant themes that are being shown in your life. It could be expressing yourself creatively more, being nicer to people or taking your time with things. Today I got a chance to reflect and noticed that I am constantly being reminded to let things be. There are times when you go out and make things happen but there are others where you have to sit back and allow them to take care of themselves.

I work very hard for everything I have. At a young age my parents instilled a strong work ethic in me. I would watch them work excessive hours to make sure that we could live comfortably. When they owned a hair salon my mom would have me come over and sweep, wash hair and answer the phone. At the time I thought it was fun (for the first hour) but I didn't realize what they were really doing. Now I can be a bit of a work horse and I don't know when to quit. Relaxing is very hard for me because I always feel like there is something to be done or if I do go to sleep I could miss out on an opportunity.

Lately I've kicked the pursuit of my career into overdrive. I'm constantly on my phone sending emails, checking for castings, trying to network and searching for any sign of success. Unfortunately this has led me to overanalyzing everything and worrying that I'm not doing enough. Living in the now can make it easy to forget your traveled journeys. Society has this idea that if you're not up all night, taking great risks and living for your dream that you're not working hard enough. I believe in hard work but driving yourself into insanity prevents you from being able to perform when it's time for your dream to become reality.

What I'm saying is that it is okay to take a break. It is ok to be human. It is ok to enjoy living in the now without dedicating your every moment to your future. You be alive and still not living. If something isn't happening for you today.. go and take a walk in the park. Admire the beauty in your situation. Read a new book. Go visit a loved one and create memories that will last forever. Life is about the moments we create and the memories that live on. Living for the future is great but don't forget to enjoy your present state. There's beauty in it all. We may not be where we want to be but we're better than before. Each day is a blessing and I'm glad that God took the chance to remind me of that. So you beautiful people... go out and do something different and spontaneous. That thing you've been dying to do... stop waiting and GO. You'll thank me later ;-)