Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Game of Love: Make Your Own Rules

As of the 25th of September my boyfriend and I have officially been together for 6 months! Now I am very quiet when it comes to my relationship for my own personal reasons but when there are moments to celebrate I am a little more open.
We spent the weekend together but on the 25th I wanted to do something EXTRA special... so special that I didn't realize I was stressing myself out behind the idea of doing something SO over the top. Let's just say I went through the "I have nothing to wear", "I feel ugly", "Am I fun enough?" and "I feel fat" all while trying to get dressed to go out. Not to mention I cried because I had overwhelmed myself and was ready to not go anywhere. A few minutes after he calmed me down and I stopped being a typical female I laughed at myself for being so silly. There are many times where we have to do things EXTRA BIG because "that's what you're supposed to do". What I'm learning in life and in my relationship is that we are all given the right to make our own decisions and make our own rules. Who said that we HAD to do something so out of the ordinary to celebrate the fact that we've made it to 6 months? Who set the standards and guidelines to what makes a relationship successful? That day it was made clear to me that no matter what we did I was going to be happy because I was with HIM. I didn't need a fancy restaurant or a hot air balloon ride to convince me that we have something special. In the end we went to the Cheescake Factory and enjoyed each others company, laughed and stuffed our faces. When it comes to love rules will be broken, made and adjusted. There aren't any voices that should matter other than the two individuals involved. Don't be afraid to go against the grain... you'll be so much happier in the end ;)

Until next time!