Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watch God Move

Ok I know I usually say I have no idea where this is going to go but I honestly have NO idea where I'm going with this. For months I have been m.i.a. in the blog world. I've been trying to gather everything and figure out this thing called "life". I kinda felt like how am I supposed to give people inspiration, advice, or anything close if I don't get it myself lol. I've gone from being in college and someone being able to direct me to a random office that can assist me with any issue to "the real world" where the only answer to 'what do i do?' is a.) get a job or b.) go back to school. No advice as to what job, how to obtain one, or where to look... just plain and simple GET A JOB lol. So with that being said...
HI GUYS!!! Missed you mucho! A lot has happened.. I've been in a few fashion shows.. found new people to network with and have had a few photoshoots here and there. Throughout it all I have definitely learned more about myself and those around me. Life is kind of one of those messy things that no one really has a grip on but they figure their way through it somehow. I now feel there really is no perfect timing for anything. I understand it is more of the arrival of a blessing. Some things take time to be bestowed upon us.. they are meant to be but they have to happen when the individual is ready to receive it. Now when I say I don't believe in perfect timing I don't mean like when you're in serious need of a cab and one just magically pulls up lol. I'm referring to the idea of when people say they want a list of things to align before they proceed with actions. Example. I want to move to NY. With that known I also recognize it requires money, research on where I want to live in the city, a job lined up, etc. In order for me to move I MUST accomplish every step. NOW this way of thinking is one of the many ways people do not follow through with dreams, aspirations and goals. When these requirements are attached to things you most desire they create room to feel overwhelmed if the things aren't accomplished. When it comes to dreams, goals and aspirations sometimes the rules go out of the window. There is no way that everything will align perfectly and just magically happen. Many times you have to take risks and just know that you will land on your feet even if you do fall. I guess what I'm describing can be boiled down to faith. When God moves it is an amazing experience that many will not believe. You go from the person everyone will tell "that will never happen" to the one they ask "how did that happen?" If you want something sometimes you just have to step out and declare it will work for you no matter what!
True story: Everyday I go to work and my mind is boggled. Not only by the fact that I am working a full-time job that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what I went to school for but also because I'm sacrificing my time for a dream I feel God has placed within me. I have NO idea how it will happen but I know that he has given me my gift and the tools to work it. This equation could lead a person to pure insanity if allowed... and let me tell you I've been close lol. But at the end of the day I know that my struggle is not in vain. Everything we go through in our everyday is to prepare us for our many adventures and endeavors in the future. I see people look at me daily and turn their noses up to me because I'm going against the grain of undergrad to grad school but you know what, they don't live my life. They don't feel the feeling I get when its my turn to walk down the runway and I borderline peed myself moments before I walked out and turned on the 'fierce' lol. They cannot fathom how it feels to be me or to be you! We all have a song in our heart and a dance in our step that separates us from the masses. The deciding factor is whether we choose to accept and embrace them or spend or everyday trying to blend in.
I believe we all struggle with the many decisions we are plagued with on a daily basis but I know we can overcome. Stay true to who you are and believe AWESOME things will happen for you. If you say it it will come to pass. Never let what someone who is afraid to live hinder you from experiencing what this wonderful thing called life has in stor. Trust and believe your hard work, time and effort will not go unrecognized and you will one day reap the benefits of your labor. (Man that was good... someone quote me! lol) I promise I will write more.. I have to stop running from my destiny. Love you all and until next time...

<3 Desarée Franchon