Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Confessions of a Big Dreamer: The A'Man'dments: The Things We Wish Women Knew Ab...

Since I gave advice from the ladies to the men in '6 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew' here's the mans version giving insight to things they wish women knew!! Take a look!
Confessions of a Big Dreamer: The A'Man'dments: The Things We Wish Women Knew Ab...: "You might see me in the streets, but homie you don't KNOW...ME!" T.I., "You Don't Know Me" The quot...

Monday, June 24, 2013

6 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew...

Ladies... I'm sure we all can agree when we say that we would love for men to have a handbook on things they should and should not do when it comes to women. Unfortunately the many books that have been written cannot sum up everything without being the biggest book known to man. So, here I am to share 6 tips to all the guys out there that can help you with some things you may not have known or just can not understand when it comes to the ladies.

6. Sensitivity is great but I don't need you
       to be more sensitive than me.
There was a time I prayed to God and asked him for a list full of things that I wanted in a man, including sensitivity. I had previously encountered a really insensitive and emotionally unavailable guy who left me feeling empty and I just knew that a sensitive man was the answer. BOY was I wrong. I found "Mr. Sensitive" and he cried more than I did when we argued. I felt like I had to take the lead on everything and eventually came to the conclusion that he had higher estrogen levels than me. Gentlemen, I would like to tell you firsthand that no female wants to feel like she is "the man" or "more masculine" than you. Although we may test you and attempt to wear the pants, every woman appreciates a man who can be emotionally available but still be the captain when necessary. If something is bothering me or I'm having one of many meltdowns, a listening ear and advice is greatly appreciated. What a woman doesn't want in this situation is to break out the tissues for herself AND her man while she explains how someone upset her at work. So, although things may seem a bit overwhelming in an argument over the last bit of Cheetos, save the waterworks for a more serious matter.

5. Work as hard to keep me, as you did to get me.
Ladies enjoy being courted, plain and simple. Most men are smart enough to recognize this. Whether the intent is to pursue something more or just sleep with the female guys know they have to show some sort of interest  in order to reach their goal. Unfortunately, after time lapses we enter the place that can be referred to as 'the comfortable phase'. This is the time period when the flowers stop coming, the back rubs are few and far inbetween and Madden becomes more important than what she's explaining on the other end of the phone. As females we tend to reminisce on "the good times" and remember when you would call in the middle of the night to say 'I love you' or stop by her job because you need to see her OR when you posted pictures of me on Facebook because you NEEDED the world to know your girl is taken. These are the things that get a girl to fall head over heels for you and these are the things we never want to end. We understand that flowers all the time is far from realistic but don't forget to remind your lady that she's special. Treat her to a day at the spa, surprise her with dinner or do something corny make a collage of pictures of you two and give them to her.

4. Shoes, Handbags, Clothes, and Makeup:
       We have a lot.. SO WHAT!
Just like you are obsessed with your car, video games and whatever else you guys take great pride in... we feel the same about our shoes, clothes and everything else it takes to look great on a daily basis. Enough said.

3. If I'm Expected to Look Like Barbie, Be prepared to be Ken
Every girl wants to be perfect for her man. We enjoy getting dressed up on date nights just for you to show us off. The problem comes when women are expected to go to sleep and wake up looking like they stepped of the page of a magazine. Unfortunately the media bombards us with constant pictures of women who have huge boobs and butts from here to Zimbabwe but they fail to show the surgeries and glam squads that it took for those girls to look like that. SO I say this.. if everyday women are expected to look like Kim Kardashian pre-baby Kanye then we need our men to look just as great. I mean I should be able to wash my clothes on your abs and you better have the Ken Doll V (ladies know what I mean).

2. PDA. Please and Thank You.
Public Display of Affection is (in Jay-Z voice) So Necessary. The type of display is to be determined by the individuals involved but there is nothing better than showing the world you're crazy about the girl you're with. There may be a few remarks from the haters but hey who cares? I'm not sure where but I have come to the conclusion PDA is in the female DNA. Holding hands, quick pecks and of course forehead kisses mean the world. I'm not saying go full exhibitionist style and get freaky in the park with people watching (unless that's what you're into..no judgment lol) but don't be afraid to pat your girl on the butt in front of some strangers from time to time ;)

1. If I say 5 minutes, multiply that by 6.
(Giggle) Unfortunately a majority of women don't possess the gene to be ready on time. If a girl says she's a few minutes away or she'll be dressed in 5 minutes... be prepared to wait a little longer. It's not that we don't care about your time or where we have to be it's just that we want to look Perfect!! Now this rule can be applied across the board. Hair, makeup, driving.... oh and anything dealing with intimacy... ALWAYS multiply that by 6 lol.