Thursday, August 29, 2013

Open Diary: Hello New York!!!

(Cuts on Jay-Z - Holy Grail)
It's been a while! Hello everyone! Much has changed. Living life in New York is very different and I'm definitely going through an adjustment period but I'm very happy that I'm here nonetheless.

Living in New Jersey my whole life has given me one perspective on this huge world that we live in. I haven't lived far from my family at any point in life so there have been many tears shed on my end lol. It's funny now but I had a few meltdowns because part of me knew that things were going to change drastically. I was going to see my family, friends and boyfriend a lot less and that scared the crap out of me. Everything I knew to be familiar was no longer going to be in immediate reach and that was pretty nerve wracking. BUT I'm here and in a few days I will be making my one month mark and I'm proud.

Although challenging there have been nothing but great things happening since I've gotten into New York. I've networked with a lot of people, booked a few jobs including runway shows for New York Fashion Week and being closer to the city has given me the ability to just get up and go to last minute things I couldn't while living in South Jersey. I haven't heard if I booked the job yet but I auditioned to be a model on Project Runway. That in itself is BIG compared to where I was a month ago. Prior to moving I was struggling to find paid work, couldn't find representation and I wasn't sure if I could do this anymore. Being caught in the vicious cycle of working a full-time job but trying to pursue a career was leaving me stressed, tired and missing many opportunities. God has truly looked me out since I made the decision to pursue modeling whole-heartedly. I thank him for giving me the strength to do the inevitable. It took a little longer than expected but as I look back I know I wasn't ready to move. Had I moved to New York by myself as I planned years ago I wouldn't have lasted long. There were many lessons I had to learn and people I had to meet in order to get to who I am now. As crazy as it feels typing this... all those crazy customers from The Sugarhouse Casino helped me build a SUPER thick skin and they taught me to let things roll off my shoulders. Everyone will have their thoughts and perceptions of you but all that matters is what you think of yourself. My co-workers also helped me come out of my shell. They play a big part in why I stopped making excuses and decided to go out and do a lot of the things that I always wanted to.

As I enter my next month here I'm super excited for all that's to come. I'm praying that I wasn't too real on this post but hey (Kanye shrug) who cares lol. Love you guys and stay inspired!!!