Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness. noun
 1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.
If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or if we're friends on Facebook you may notice a theme in my life, happiness. With #100daysofhappiness I've made a conscious decision to acknowledge at least one great thing that happens during the day. Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day inhibits us from realizing those special moments in time.
I strongly believe that happiness is a choice. We can choose to succumb to our immediate situation or we can rise above it and find the sunshine in the midst of the clouds. Of course there will be things that get you down along the way and things may not always go according to plan but it's all about not dwelling in those moments. You can let what that one person said haunt you all day or you can allow their sour mood to be THEIRS and throw that negative energy away. Happiness is in your hands. You're in control.
At the beginning of this "Pursuit of Happiness" I had to identify the things that made me happy. It seems easy, but when you're caught up in your emotions the task actually requires some thought. So I sat down, grabbed a pen and paper and created my list.
1. Listening to music that speaks to me
2. Spending time with friends and family
3. Reading
4. Expressing myself creatively (blogging, decorating, wearing clothes outside of my work uniform)
5. Experiencing new things (places, cultures, food, etc.)
6. Acting/Modeling/Using my Talents
Of course there are things that can be added to the list later like ice cream and Beyoncé concerts (hint hint) but I figured this was a good start! Identifying the things that make you happy is  the beginning of keeping the happiness you're striving for. When a goal is identified you can then create a plan to accomplish that goal. I chose to attack "Experiencing New Things". I'm in a brand new city so walking down a different street could be something new for the day lol. It's also summertime so there are a million things happening in NYC.. and a good amount of them are free. Considering the cost of living in this great city free sounds fantastic.
I've had the opportunity to walk through Central Park (which I've been DYING to do since I was young), experience so many different restaurants, and meet a few new people along the way. Some of the journey required me to step out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did.
I say all of this to urge every single person reading this to live for today. Life is short and it would be unfortunate to look back and realize you wasted a moment of it. There's beauty in everything. The way the sun shines, the trees that offer us shade, the very place your standing because it's a testament of how far you've come. I challenge you to broadcast your happiness. Share your moments. Even if its a smile, it will brighten someone's day.
Peace and Love.