Friday, July 31, 2009

Post from June 10, 2009 via FB

Well... here goes another one of my infamous notes lol considering I have nothing but time to think since I am currently unemployed lmbo so yea... p.s. if you know anyone who's hiring shout me a holla!! Anywho once again I have no idea where I'm going with this but it's gonna be goodddddddd.

So right I was looking @ my old pics and I came across a female who shall remain nameless.. but she was the type of girl who used her status and things she was involved in to attract dudes. She's a pretty girl but all in all she didn't respect herself. Now me being immature at the time.. I was like dag she's gettin mad dudes LOL Then I thought hmm... how come I'm not gettin em too??? Well long story short chick was giving up the buns like a bakery and all of a sudden dudes went from her best friends to doggin her. Now me, I've always been picky so I choose who I decide to talk 2 like that... but after I saw these guys disrespecting her it all made sense.. they didn't respect her to begin with they just wanted the grits (buns for those who aren't familiar with the grits terminology lol). I also noticed those who stopped talking to her... we always cool with me. Now they may have wanted my grits too LOL BUT because I respected myself.. they respected me. They knew I wasn't that kind of girl and saw me different. Now that I'm older it all makes sense and I'm so happy I stayed to myself.. especially on Cheyney's small campus LOL. Shoot give yur grits up to one person and eveerryyyyoonnnneeee would know (that's why you date off campus wink wink) LOL.

I feel as females we have lost that level of respect for ourselves. People will ONLY treat you how you allow them to. If you're at a party and you allow dudes to smack ya butt.. then they're gonna do it... but if you turn around and tell them don't even disrespect you like that again or they gonna have a problem (like I do lol) then they know where ya head is @. I don't have to show my body to every1.. especially since those aren't the kind of guys I want to attract. If they are attracted to you only for your body then why do you think they only want to get in ya pants? That kinda guy isn't gonna wife u.. sorry but true LOL. I have too many male cousins to not know what it is. Shoot I know what I look like when the clothes come off... but that's not for every1 else to see. Know your worth.. if you know your value and accept nothing short of being treated right then people will do so. Now there will be a few who step out of line.. but the ones who matter will be cool.

P.S. Guys don't be the one to disrespect a female even if she doesn't respect herself. That could be your mom, sister, or daughter. You set the tone and have the right to choose to not fopllow the majority. Shoot the bible says the man is the head of the household.. so what you do trickles down on your family.. u don't have to be married for this to happen either.

I feel like I'm thinking of more to write... soooooooo until next time. Tootles :)

Ha!!! I have a blog! Look out world!!

OMG!!! I have a blog! muhahaha! LOL

Well after deep consideration and thought, it's official I started my blog! My initial idea started from my constant writing notes on Facebook. I figured why not put them in one place that is accessible to everyone (because my FB is private), so here I am! I pray that this blog gives a little more insight on me, but also helps someone else in their time of need as well. If I can help one person then I've accomplished a MAJOR goal. Michael Jackson said it best, heal the world.. make it a better place and I will not leave his words in vain!

Ok now that I've gotten entirely too deep for my hype mood at the moment lol this is my official hello! Thanks for viewing and you WILL NOT be disappointed! Leave comments and check back, I plan to make this my new project considering I have NO JOB lol!

I will be posting some of my past notes from FB as well to give a jump start to the site! Later!

Desaree' Franchon