Monday, February 4, 2013

Self Worth: You ARE Good Enough

As we embrace 2013 and move swiftly into the month of February I must say this year has started off on a great note. I have had the opportunity to work with photographers I only dreamed of in the beginning of my career and I also booked my first campaign (Thank you Lord!).

With all of the joy I have now I must say that 2012 was a very trying year. I experienced the greatest amount of change in such short periods of time last year. After my engine gave out on my Honda I had to purchase a new car, I moved back home, started a new job and started working towards my career on another level. Let's just say change isn't my friend so I was freaking out every so often because everything was out of my control. With all of the great new things that were coming into my life I still had the feeling that I didn't deserve them.
Please Hear me on this.. I was driving a car that I loved and always wanted but I couldn't accept the fact that it was mine. I walked into the dealership with NO money to put down and got approved to drive off the lot with no cosigner. I worked hard to pay my bills on time and keep my credit up to par yet I didn't feel like that car was meant to be mine. Part of me felt like once I got comfortable someone would come around and take it from me or something would go wrong because I don't have anything come to me easily. This was just one of many instances where I heard the voice in my head saying "You're not good enough... this is too good to be true.. you know something has to go wrong because this is too right." I did this to MYSELF and without knowing I sent my esteem down the path of "not good enough".

As I reflect on these moments I am not ashamed. I know that these things are what molds and shapes me to be the person I'm meant to be. I accept that I felt that way but that is the past. No longer will I continue to live in dismay and despair. I deserve nothing but happiness, prosperity, and the blessings that God has for me. My career is headed in a great direction and I am accomplishing things that I never thought I could.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Don't let that voice in the back of your mind convince you that you don't belong or you aren't entitled to great things! The moment you stop holding yourself back is the moment you start to live. You ARE good enough. You work hard, you sacrifice, you are giving, you are thoughtful... why shouldn't you reap the harvest of your labor??
I've declared 2013 as my year of Prosperity and Good Enough. I accept everything that is on its way to my life and I know that it's mine because I've worked for it! Start believing in yourself again! There is no one on earth more deserving than you!! There may be things that you have done that you are ashamed of or you feel disqualify you from anything good but know that those things are in the PAST. There is a time for redemption and that day is today! I'm not sure who I'm speaking to but please know that this is for YOU. Never give up and keep striving!!!