Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love takes time

So I was talking to my friend Michele yesterday at Six Flags and she was talking about how she blogged previously but it got kind of crazy so she stopped. The women on here are so confused about love and have a lot of question (as we women always do lol). I felt inspired by that especially considering I'm a hopeless romantic and I LOVE being in love, so maybe my words can help :).

I've learned that I can be very impatient. Things should happen when I went them to and that has been the mentality that I have had for a long time (its the leo in me). I have a history of running into the arms of love longing for its eternal embrace not realizing that the love I had with the individual was still premature. With my last boyfriend we barely knew one another but we were so captivated with one another that we fell very soon. We later felt the after shock of learning the important things about someone during a relationship that should have been known prior to. The things we found out caused problems and started arguments that could have been prevented if they were known earlier.

I believe love is patient, kind and gentle. Love takes its time and if you rush love you will get left with a whole heap of trouble. Although I really want to be in love, start my life, get married in the next 5 or more years, start a family and live happily ever after that may not be the path made for me. I have to let God do his thing and follow his lead. Although it's nice having that significant other, sometimes there are other things in life to be obtained prior to your "prince charming" coming along. I'm kind of talking to myself which is pretty funny, but hey helping self and others is always great because we both benefit. I think that's about it!

I love their love. Beyonce and Jay-Z do it big in every way and they don't care what anyone has to say about them! Plus everyone knows I love Beyonce and Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers alive in my book!

Desaree' Franchon

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