Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The man outside the store...

Today was a bit tough and the customers at my job seemed to have recieved a memo that I wasn't in such a great mood. After being yelled at by not carrying extra beers, cokes and water I struggled to clear my mind. This week started off with someone stealing the last bit of money I had until I returned to work. I've been a little frustrated because I had plans for that money. Needless to say I was excited to head home, eat and climb into my most comfortable pj's.

 On my way home I decided that I wanted to stop at the store to pick up a few things. As I pulled up to the store I immediately spotted a man sitting on the ground right in front of my parking space. Initially I think "Ut oh I don't know if I want to park here because he's going to ask me for money I don't have to spare." As I exit my car and walk towards the store the man says nothing to me. I didn't think much of it but braced myself for him to ask for something when I returned. After my purchase I approach my car and the man plesantly says to me "Have a nice night sweetheart" and that's it. I responded "Thank you. You too!" and climbed in my car. Seconds later I hear a voice say "Desaree give him money. $5 to be exact" Although there isn't anyone in the car with me I look to my left and right and think "$5?!?!?... I'll give him one." The voice then says "No. Five." As I sat in the drivers seat contemplating what to give to this man I began to check myself. "Desaree it's ONLY $5 and you will feel terriible if you leave without helping this man out. You've made more than enough money at work today so get over yourself." I shake off my initial selfishness, open my car door and walk up to the man with the $5 extended to him. As I approach he stares at the bill in my hand confused and I say "Here" with a smile. He then slowly extends his hand and in a confused but elated tone he says "Thank you SO much." After I said "God bless you" and climbed back into my car I watched him stare at the $5 bill, look up to the sky and say "Thank you". This man looked at the money as if I had handed him $500 as opposed to $5. As I pulled off my eyes swelled up with tears and I immediately began to thank God. In that moment I realized what that man had given me was worth WAY more than that $5 bill could ever be. He reminded me that we were all placed on earth to help one another. Our society and culture has people so wrapped up in the every day hustle and bustle along with the desire to acquire as much as possible that we have forgotten about one another. The lord blesses us not only for our own personal gain but to also help one another. Although money was taken from me this week and I was stressing about it I'm glad I decided to step out of myself and remember what was most important. There are so many occasions where we walk past a person in need and act as if we don't see it. The only way to make this world better is stop ignoring each other and lend a helping hand. I have never felt so fulfilled like I did in that moment. I didn't see that man as a charity case but a person trying to make it just like me. We always forget that there are people who would die for the lives that we are living. That was definitely a wake up call. A reminder that this world is SO much bigger than me and my little problems. A reminder that I am blessed and I must also be a blessing unto others. I am having a hard time putting this event that lasted all of 7 minutes into words because the impact was so strong. If you are reading this PLEASE take time to be aware of the things and people around you. If you can give please do so. It doesn't have to be in the form of money, it can be your time, your ear, your laugh. Give  of yourself today so that your life isn't in vain. We were all placed on this earth to do something great and what's greater than helping another? Be mindful of the voice of God. When you hear it, move. It took me a bit (the lord isn't done with me yet) but once I recognized he was speaking to me I did as I was told. Moments like that will happen every so often  and they are a simple test to see what you are going to do. The lord will test you time and time again. If you don't listen you may end up blocking your blessings. Please take time to listen. Until next time...

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  1. well said. Your post was refreshing to read and I especially like how you highlightd listening to the Holy Spirit. It is always more beneficial to listen than to ignore.