Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick update. I haven't forgotten my blog!

Life has been a bit challenging these past few months. I started a new job in April and it required a shift in every aspect of my life. For those who work overnight/graveyard shift you understand that life is completely different for the individual with that schedule. I would wake up, drive 30 mins. to work, work midnight to 6am, drive home, sleep, wake up, handle business and then do it ALL over again the next day. Needless to say I had a few breakdowns lol. I had to take some time off from modeling to focus on saving and coming up with a plan to rearrange my career. It's funny how you learn different things about yourself and your surroundings when you step back.
During my hiatus I realized that I am giving more to a lot of individuals than I am receiving in return. As a model I found myself in the vicious cycle of "This show/shoot isn't paid but it offers exposure." Exposure is great but the question I should have followed up with is "Exposure to who?" There's a difference between walking in front of casting agents and a crowd full of family and friends. Don't get me wrong I appreciate every opportunity I have had but there comes a time when you know your worth... and I had to adjust accordingly. I am now building my portfolio to where I can be signed within the next few months prayerfully.
My hair has grown significantly. Praise Jesus! All of the hard work has paid off. I finally discovered what works for my hair and I can officially say I have a regimen!!!
Life has a way of making things come into perspective. Sometimes you need to slow down your pace in order to finish strong in the race. I'm seriously trying to get back to writing more... I've had a serious case of writers block. BANANAS! lol Until next time..

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