Monday, February 13, 2012

The Single Lady's Guide to Valentines Day

Valentine's Day. The two words that can instantaneously fill your heart with joy or rip it from your insides. For the past few years I found myself single around this time of year. Each year it seemed as if February 14th crept up on my calendar just to remind my of my extreme singleness. I remember thinking "This is such a stupid holiday!" "What kind of people celebrate this crap?!" and "Ughhhh I'm so lonely (insert teardrop)" Every year there are people suggesting things for couples to do but I think we need to change that! So, here I am to mix it up a bit and give the single ladies a shout out! These are a few things I've done for myself during this trying time of year.

1. Take it easy on yourself!
     You are single for a reason but that doesn't mean anything is wrong with you! You don't need to be in a relationship to flaunt it on this one day and be miserable the rest of the year because you decided to settle! Don't tell yourself you're ugly, unworthy, unloveable or anything else that will hurt you to the core. Encourage yourself and appreciate the place you're at in your life.

2. Look good for YOU.
    Being in a relationship and should not be the only reasons you get dolled up. If you can't love yourself enough to look good for you then how can you do it for someone else? Go get your hair done. Dance to your favorite music in your underwear. Shed those few pounds you've been trying to. The better you look, the better you feel and the more men to drool over you as you enjoy your single life ;)

3. Don't close yourself off.
    One year I made the big mistake of shutting myself off from the world. I locked myself in my dorm room so I didn't have to witness everyone enjoying the "day of love". When I resurfaced I didn't feel any better than I did when I left and I missed out on a few good laughs at the expense of the random couples being caught "in the act" by the dorm director lol. It's not the end of the world... couples go back to being normal in a day or two and argue over "Who was that girl calling you love on your Facebook wall?!?!" At this point you'll have comic relief!

4. Do something nice for YOU!
    In my singleness I vowed to myself that if I had no valentine I would treat myself the way a man should treat me on that day. This idea helped me learn what I would expect my future boo to do for me and it also gave me a GREAT feeling. There is nothing like ripping the tag off a very sexy dress that you purchased for yourself or the smell of those new pair of shoes that will catch everyone's eyes as you step in a crowded room! Don't wait for the "knight in shining armor" to appear to do these things for you (but when he does show up make him spoil you lol)

5. Lean on your friends!
     Two years ago I asked my friend Ky to be my valentine. I was involved with a guy who didn't even acknowledge Valentine's Day and I felt like crap! To say the least I called on my friend and she was there. We went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and laughed our hearts out. We spent a pretty penny but like I said earlier we spent it on ourselves and WE DESERVED IT! Life was easier that day in the midst of all the couples with their candelight dinners and googley eyes because I had support. I wasn't hiding under my comforter and eating icecream.

I hope these things help you single ladies because they helped me tremendously! Enjoy Valentine's Day and Don't forget it's Self Love Day too! (I soooo made that up lol)

Until next time!

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