Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's Only One You... Everyone Else is Taken.

Lately I've noticed the amount of young ladies gravitating towards looking like what tv says is "hot". When I say "hot" I'm referring to the girls in music videos, on reality tv shows, and the demeaning lyrics in the music we hear everyday.

Through life I have always been the girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. To me there is nothing like paving my own path for others to recognize there are other ways to accomplish things. We all have our moments of losing sight of individuality. One day I started to notice the way guys drooled over girls in the limelight and I wanted to see what that was like. I tried my best to look like the girls on tv so guys would find me attractive that didn't last long because I looked so out of place. In high school I was excited to go to a club because I was 17 "and grown" so I put on these extremely short shorts and a shirt that exposed every bit of my bra and stomach and you couldn't tell me I wasn't cute! That night I ran into a guy who I really liked and he was flirting with me so you know I was hype! Long story short he asked if I wanted to go home with him after telling him I wasn't that kind of girl he said "Well that's not the message you're sending with that outfit." I will NEVER forget those words because that was the moment I realized I wasn't representing who I am as a person. I'm not saying you have to cover up like a nun but there is a way to look sexy as a lady and sexy as the girl you want to take home.

Too many girls make the mistake I made that night trying to get guys to like them based on their body. Often we hear guys talk about how fat a girls butt is or how nice her boobs look and for some reason that sends off a signal to our brain that says "I have to be that". As I sit here today I wish someone would have given me this quote: Be yourself... Everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde. We live in an era where girls want to be the Nicki Minaj's, Snooki's, or Lady Gaga's of the world but they already exist. No matter how goofy, crazy, loud, weird, book loving, or awkward you may be YOU ARE SPECIAL. You were created to bring the light you have to this world, not try to shine like someone else. There will always be beautiful women in entertainment and guys will always love to look at them but trust me.. those beautiful women don't wake up red carpet ready lol. They get out of bed, brush their teeth and put one pant leg on at a time just like you. You are worth so much and should never give it away just to be accepted or seen as beautiful. Love yourself more than anyone else can and always stay true to the real you.

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