Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight: Strive For the Size You.

After reading a few blogs I have been inspired to write again! I have been wanting to write about the impact of the ideas behind "The Prefect Weight" and how it is affecting our world. At first I was concerned that people wouldn't receive my message considering I'm skinny but I have a story to tell too so I know this will be good!

Everyday we are constantly fed commercials, ads, and images of weight loss products, diets and "success" stories. When watching Kim Kardashian's Trim Spa commercial I instantly thought "Wow that's pretty cool! Kim K uses that stuff, regular people can look like her.. #dope" After that commercial AND the several others that flooded my television screen I began to become sick. We have become people who strive for perfection driven by the numbers on a scale instead of gauging how we feel internally.

I have never been an advocate for size, I am more for health and feeling. If you feel great and are healthy then those are the things that matter most. I fell victim to the "ideal weight" when it comes to the model industry. Grant it I am skinny in the everyday world but in the model world I have been asked to lose 5-10 or more pounds. At my height and age I have never felt better but I am aware that I have become more curvy over the years. After hearing I needed to lose the curves where possible and drop a few pounds I went into instant panic mode. I went to the gym almost every day, watched what I ate AND tried to convince myself I wasn't hungry at times. Now I wasn't anorexic but I became overly concerned with my body image. The more I worked out the more I noticed the scale was raising instead of decreasing like I was supposed to. My body type did not allow for me to work out at that pace without gaining muscle, which everyone knows weighs more than fat. I knew something had to change...

Soon I began watching my portions, working out 3 times a week and stopped worrying about my weight # and focused on my inches lost AND most importantly, how I felt. Soon I went from a size 5 to a 2.. my weight is about the same but my definition in muscle and self confidence have increased tremendously. I'm not meant to be 120 pounds at the age of 23 BUT I can look my best and fit into a size I never thought I'd see again. I have hips and am rather busty but that is the way God intended me to be, if not I would've turned out differently. I learned to embrace who I am inside and out. My weight doesn't take away from my talent as a model or define who I am as an individual.

When it comes to everyone else I would never encourage you to strive for a size 2 but I will encourage to strive for the size YOU. Not the size where we THINK we'd feel good at but the size we physically feel empowered. Mo'Nique is a perfect example for me. She has always been a full figured woman however, her weight loss goal wasn't to be the skinniest girl on the block but to feel good about Mo'Nique. Now homegirl is wearing dresses that look GREAT on her figure, her hair is different and most of all you can SEE she feels amazing.

I encourage everyone who has been struggling with or questions their body to seek the best you. Working out feels like an accomplishment every time I finish because I know it was hard but I kept fighting and the results are amazing. Research healthy eating habits (NOT diets) and allow your body to be what it's supposed to be not what you want it to be. Love yourself wholeheartedly. Our outside appearance does not affect who we are internally but it should reflect it. If you feel good about yourself inwardly, express it outwardly. Find things that compliment your body and never settle for the "I gained weight and I hate my body." You must dress the body you have now as you strive for your goal. I'm going onto another topic lol...

Most importantly... Love yourself.


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