Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love My Alma Mater. Cheyney University.

Often people say you were the worst experience but like Drake, you the best I ever had. I owe you so much recognition for who I am. Through the good and the bad you held me down and built me up.

Very few could ever understand what it's like to encounter such greatness; history deeper than the first man's grave. If I had to choose between you and any other memory you would be the one I would save. See people don't understand, the memories run deep in me. Nights in front of Tubman watching different people cross... as they spit information about organization that they loved to the depths of their soul. Professors like Dr. Z and Dr. Holmes who enlightened me on the history of black people in ways I could never imagine. A love of my people began to grow in indescribable ways. That very seed would have never been planted had I gone to a predominately white university like I first planned.

Yes things got rough and boy did I get tired of seeing my beloved school on the news but none of those instances had the power to wipe away the love I felt. My home away from home with friends who instantly became family will never cease. Nights in the snack bar or Ms. Martha yelling at everyone who didn't have their id, those moments will forever be mine. Dr. Johnson saying "I just don't get it" or the extra hard assignments that seemed so easy at first that Dr. Barnes would give us, I would never replace.

The broken elevators in various buildings were known to drive anyone crazy. One day I had an epiphany and climbing the flights no longer mattered. Not because I expected it but because it became a life learned lesson. On the road to success the elevator is always broken... you must take the stairs to the top. There is no easy way up.

Cheyney, for all the people who talk bad about you, I will shout to the high heavens how they're all wrong. Their experience is not mine. Circumstances may not have always been ideal but I can make it anywhere now that I've completed my journey there. I will forever be Cheyney alum and I will NEVER be ashamed to say that. To all my Cheyney family, never forget the good the first HBCU has brought into your life. Continue to support and encourage the others who are brave enough to conquer such a great yet worthwhile challenge.

Cheyney Cheerleaders


Met Jesse Jackson at the Fattah Conference

Met Jeff Johnson at a program held at Cheyney

Graduation day... I was HYPE lol

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