Saturday, June 25, 2011

Missing Michael Jackson 6-25-2011

They say you never miss a good thing til it's gone. I truly believe that the day Michael Jackson left this earth many people realized what a gift we had. For years this man entertained, serenaded and moon walked for  every audience possible. There are very few if any who can deny this talent this man possessed. not to mention his caring and joyful spirit. In spite of the media attacking him in his last years, I honestly believe he knew how he touched the WORLD. He will be forever missed. I will never forget the many family gatherings where we would watch a concert of his or turn an album on. The amount of joy and laughter that transpired is indescribable. if you never took the chance before to recognize what a gift this man was. His music touches many generations and will continue to do so forever more.

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