Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To Weave or Not to Weave, THAT is the Question!

A few days ago I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. As usual, they sparked conversation about a topic relevant to their listeners but this time they took it to another level. They opened the phone lines to men voicing whether they like women who wear weave (extensions) or not. I didn't have the opportunity to hear most of the calls but I did hear one.

The man was discussing how he despised weave. He said that he enjoys a woman that will love her real hair and there is no need for extensions. By no means would he date a woman who decided to add hair to her what God has already given her. As I listened I couldn't help but think about how men like this hinder women from being their true self. As women we feel we need to be attractive for our men. If he doesn't like something, if not unreasonable, we will try to mock what our man likes. I myself have been guilty of this. At one time I had a boyfriend who HATED weave and I stopped wearing it. Now it didn't bother me at first because my hair was long enough to feel comfortable but after a while I felt stifled. This conversation was all too real for me. I started to grow angry and I was two seconds from turning until Steve Harvey gave his response...

He explained that he is a man who loves women and as long as the woman he is with looks her best he has NO problem. Weave or no weave, if the woman looks beautiful than so be it. He continued to say that extensions may even enhance a womans look. Some women have that extra glow about them when their hair is flowing Now as long as the weave was in tact (not shedding, well put together, no tracks exposed, etc.)  then he was completely fine with it. I loved this the best... "I don't care what the woman got on her head. She can have a rat on her head but if she looks good with that RAT on her head, damnit wear the rat." LOL.

Be who you are. If one day you feel like wearing 18 inch extensions and the next you want to be bald then I say DO IT! It's your hair!! If the man you're with can't get with it, trust me there are many more who will not care AND volunteer to help you pay to get it done. Ladies there is nothing more beautiful than a woman more comfortable in her skin so if it's 22 inch hair, a short cut, natural, or braids that make you feel you best DO IT!!!

Oh yea... if you haven't gone to get his book "Straight Talk No Chaser"... I suggest you do so ladies! Steve Harvey gives some great insight into the male perspective and perception.

Until next time!
Desarée Franchon
Took this today: Long hair (weave)

Short hair
Either way you choose.. LOVE YOURSELF.


  1. I'm a add my 2 cents to this...

    Men wanna talk about their preferences for their women to wear their natural hair but have NO idea of the commitment, time, money, and DAMAGE his preference can do to your hair. I don't need to go bald because you don't like "weave"...

    It seems that men are mistaken. It's not that men don't like weave, they don't like the idea of weave. For example, do those same men look at Kim Kardashian and say "I would never date her because she wears a weave?" Do they even know that most women viewed as famous to the public or who work in media wear some type of weave or "hair extensions" to enhance their looks too?

    Lastly, despite your preferences respect the decision a woman makes to enhance her look. If your girl told you she only likes dread locks and skinny jeans would you change your look to fit her preferences for the rest of your life?...

  2. I think that you are on to something Desi. Keep it up!!!