Monday, January 10, 2011

The beauty that lies within

With this title I'm sure you figured this post is going to be some sort of generic explanation as to why what's inside on counts... well you're partially correct lol. I do plan on going into depth.

For those who have known me pre-college they know what I used to look like. Not that I was an ugly child (that's not in my genetic composition) but it took me a while to "come into my own". Guys weren't immediately attracted to me.. but if they took the time to get to know me they would see there was more than meets the eye. It is sad but we live in a world where the way you look and dress play a large part in how people respond to and over-all treat you.

With the shallow guys I dodged at a young age, I learned early on that I wanted someone who would take the time to get to know me for the beautiful person I am within. I knew I had much to offer any man (or boy during that age) who I decided to invest time in.

Now older, wiser, and in touch with my outer beauty as much as the inner I recognize what is more important. Yes it's nice to be pretty and have men stare from time to time but I always think.. one day I will be old and wrinkly. One day I won't have this gym body.. and if a man has based their attraction to me on the physical than there will be nothing to hold him if it may change. The reason I used the picture of Beauty and The Beast (besides the fact that I've been watching the movie everyday for the past week) is because Beauty loved the Beast through his exterior. She fell in love with the man inside, not knowing what he really looked like. Although he was scary, mean, etc. she found the inner beauty he possessed. She didn't date the typical good looking guy that everyone loved (Gaston) because she wanted more. She found exactly what she was looking for in the Beast AND he transformed into a handsome prince in the end (don't count on this happening in real life though haha).

There are many "beautiful" ugly people. Naomi Campbell is drop dead GORGEOUS but she is in the media every few months for having " Another B*tch Moment". Anyone who is worth being in your life will love you for your kindness, good heart, how you make them feel, etc. No matter how nice you may look if your attitude sucks you become harder to be around. People aren't going to come to your funeral because you looked good lol, the come based on the impact you've made in their life. The things that you've done for them, how you've made them feel and for the memories that you've left them with that cannot be replaced.

If you're not on this path, declare today as your pivotal moment. Let your inner being speak volumes as to how amazing you are and what you bring to the world. Smile, say hello to someone you don't know, or help out a stranger. Love makes the world go round! (lol ok I'm done)

Signed with love,
Desarée Franchon


  1. Good work Des. Shrek also tells the story about true love being blind. I hope that you find that special guy who can love you for all that you bring to the table. Keep doing your thang.


  2. Well said Dezzi Des! aLOT of people, male and female alike, value outer beauty over the beauty from within. Its sad to meet or see people who are so full of their outward appearance that they are internally hideous. As a man I've noticed that a wonderful attitude and disposition in a woman ACTUALLY makes her even MORE gorgeous. Of course the outward appearance is gonna be what it is; if someone looks good, then they gon look good lol but the inner beauty has the ability to either increase or decrease the value of the outward appearance.. I'll take a woman who is kinda cute with a GREAT personality over someone who is stunning on the outside but pathetic on the inside. Great Topic