Monday, July 6, 2015

Does He Care About Your Edges??

The bonnet. The Scarf. The Wrap. Whatever you use to protect your hair ladies... the men are talking about it.
During my visit to Chicago I had a conversation with my cousin Aja about wrapping your hair when you're in the presence of a man and if it's okay. We both are years into our natural hair journey and love our hair, especially after all of the hard work we have put in. Of course we are both pro scarf because maintaining our hair is priority but there are some men who don't feel the same.
As I sat down to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta about a month ago, the camera is in the bathroom with Kandi as she's getting ready for bed. In walks her husband, Todd, as she's putting on her scarf. Todd makes a remark about the scarf along the lines of (excuse me while I paraphrase from my terrible memory) "Oh you have to put that on now?" and Kandi's response was "Yes. I have to preserve my hair." She then has a part where she says "If someone can come up with an alternative for me to keep my hair nice at night and I can wake up in the morning and just go I'll use it but until then the scarf stays."

Ladies... if he doesn't want you to wrap your hair he doesn't care about your edges. Gentlemen let me break this down for you. Most of you have cotton pillow cases. Cotton pillow cases will snag hair, especially curly hair, as you're rolling around in your slumber. Over a period of time hair will start to break of from the snags of your pillow and before you know if your girl has fake baby hair gelled down to the sides of her head all because she wanted you to be attracted to her while she slept. Cotton pillowcases also soak up the necessary oils to keep hair moisturized and healthy.

So Ladies if you're dating and finding yourself in a debate over your bonnet here's a compromise. 1. Bring a silk pillowcase. He doesn't want your hair wrapped but he didn't say you couldn't protect your hair otherwise. This allows him to feel like he can roll over and not feel like he's sleeping with Aunt Jeminma and you keep to keep your edges. Win! 2. If you don't have a silk pillowcase bring of your scarf but tie it around the pillow. The hair will still be on flee. No worries. 3. If all else fails and he still won't budge he can either a. Pay for your frequent visits to the hair salon because you will need the maintenance for what he wants or b. Find someone who is a little more understanding.

Now.. last but not least. Intimacy and the head wrap. Dun dun dunnnnn..
Well... you're just going to have to unwrap to wrap it again. If it's the middle of the night he may just have to endure but if you can control it try to keep the sexy going just for theme needed. Depending on how much sweat is required and what hairstyle you have to preserve I suggest you communicate to your partner that you absolutely need the scarf. That is the only exception. I'm not a fan of anyone sweating out the blowout lol. If your partner doesn't mind the wrap then go for it. If they do... you can either a. sweat it out b. ask him for the funds to get it redone c. pack your bonnet and go.

I want to know what you all think! Feel free to comment because this is an ongoing debate.


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