Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be the Ultimate Fashionista, Inexpensively

Ok so with the recession and my new "grown up" life lol the budget I have come to possess is tight. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to shop and sometimes it has been the cause of many nights eating Ramen noodles lol. Although I love it and I believe strongly in being fashionable one of my secrets is I'm the ultimate bargain shopper. I rarely spend over $20 over a pair of jeans (although I should considering my height and shape). I have had a few people approach me thinking I'm rich but on the contrary I'm not and I'm kind of cheap lol. I call it getting the most for my buck, so I decided to share my secrets (dun dun dunnn!).

1. Inexpensive vs. Cheap. Although clothes may be inexpensive that DOES NOT mean they have to be cheap. I am an advocate for this! I may not buy a skirt for $30 from H&M (which is a store I love!) but I can buy two off the clearance rack from Wetseal for buy one get one free! They may not be the same material BUT the material in the skirts from Wetseal compliment my shape, will have longevity, and look as though I paid more making them worthwhile. This can be great for building business attire especially when you're in college, just getting out, or hitting a rough patch in life. I don't want anyone to get confused though. If a shirt is on clearance for $3 great! BUT that does not mean that it is a figure flattering material and will last long. Which leads me to my next point..

2. Try things on! Now, I can not stand trying things on. It stretches out the close I already have on and it takes time but it is very helpful. People come in all shapes and sizes and clothing is the same so a shirt in one store may say small but it may fit like an extra small or a medium. A size 12 in one store can be totally different from a size 12 in another store. So, as tedious as it may seem... try things on. It will save you frustration if it does not fit and save you from buying something that may not be returnable or returned for money.

3. Just because you didn't spend $500 dollars on it does not lessen its value. Confession: I love labels, I mean what fashionista doesn't? BUT I don't let them run me. I will buy something from a designer I may not know but if it looks great, then I feel great! I may not have spent department store or boutique price on them does not lessen how great I may look in the clothing lol. I'm sure we would all like to "throw it in the bag" as much as we could but if you don't live that life why get hung up on it? If you can save yourself 5 more dollars in life why not? Shoot go treat yourself to McDonald's afterwards as a reward for your savings lol. You still get a good buy but you get food too (HEAVEN) lol.

4. So where are these places? Now I have to bust out my secrets but if you get some things from them give ya girl some credit lol! Plato's Closet is big! They only take name brand stuff, yes some of it is used but a good amount of the stuff still has tags and previously worn stuff is LIGHTLY worn basically meaning it still looks new. Marshalls, Ross, A.J. Wright they're all great! A little more expensive BUT none of the stuff has been worn and a majority of the stuff is name brand. Last but not least: Goodwill and thrift stores! I know I know, no one wants to be seen going in these places BUT you can find some great things in there and they're very inexpensive! Yes people wore the clothing previously but I'm sure you have access to a washing machine or sink lol, so wash it before wearing! I have found some things from Target in Goodwill with tags attached because what Target doesn't sell they send there so hey ya never know! P.S. You don't have to tell anyone you shop at these places in fact let them think you spent retail price lol.

Glad I could share my secrets. Any other question don't be afraid to ask :)


Desaree' Franchon

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