Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This article REALLY inspired me.

Today I was wandering the crazy world of Youtube and stumbled upon one of my favorite natural hair vlogggers, Taren916. Now she always discusses some great topics and helps A LOT with my natural hair journey.. this time her video was a little different. She talked about the significance of the number 11 in her life. She explained how after her mothers passing she has always seen this number consecutively in random places and she did her research to find that it is a spiritual message. Here is the link to her video: http://www.youtube.com/user/taren916?feature=grec_index#p/u/7/1oTmSvhVqnM

During her explanation she said two words that stuck out to me: Rapid Manifestation. I had no idea why those words made such an impact on me BUT I immediately heard the voice of God telling me to reasearch them. I know saying "I heard the voice of God" may seem weird, but when you hear it... you know. Sometimes it comes in different ways.. LOUD and undeniable or softer but stern. We all may hear it differently.. I don't know but I know when I hear it.

ANYWHO... I researched those words in Google and found A LOT of websites dedicated to Rapid Manifestation. They described that the energy we give off attracts the same type of energy back to us. There was one website in particular that kept my attention. Here is the part that impacted me the most:
     "As you prepare yourself and guard yourself, and are frightened and worried about anything you do not want, by focusing your attention on it and adding emotion to your thought, you are attracting the very thing you are trying to guard against. The more you try to defend, resist and guard against it, the more you fear it and the more powerful the attraction becomes."

Here's the link to the full article: http://www.howtocreateyourfuture.com/Secrets/RapidManifestation.html

Please take a moment to read it. I pray that it makes us more aware of the things we bring into our lives based on our thoughts, attitudes and energy. It's funny because I'm now remembering that I was watching Oprah's Life Class and she was talking about the same thing! God always sends us messages and this is obviously something I need to learn. Until next time!

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