Monday, March 14, 2011

Lesson #5,000,001: Everyone's NOT #teamyou

From birth we learn lessons daily. How to tie our shoes, how to button our pants, how to talk to people and the list continues. As of late I have been constantly reminded of one very important lesson I learned a long time ago: Everyone's not on your team.

I've never been the type to expect every person on earth to be #teamDesaree BUT when it comes to the people I hold close to me, I always think they will support me the same way I would them. As usual I am smacked in the face with reality when I discover that an individual does not believe in me. This idea may be juvenile and I may be naive but I can 't help it. If I have a friend and they're making positive decisions or pursuing their dream I am in cheerleader mode for them. Many that surround me always feed me words of encouragement and I appreciate EVERY bit of it wholeheartedly, it's just a tough pill to swallow when people you care about join the list of non-supporters or worse, haters.

I'm learning that your biggest cheerleader should be yourself. On days when there is no one around to pump us up or give us that push we may need is the time when self-motivation is most important. If our drive is reliant on the encouragement of others, we will fail. There is an extra piece of the puzzle that is most important in each of our lives and that is the person living it a.k.a. YOU. I always here my mom saying "Man will always fail you. We're built that way. The disciples betrayed Jesus. But God will never fail us, always count on him to give you the strength you need." I think the other lesson I am supposed to learn is we already have the strength within us. It doesn't matter if others support you when YOU support you. Ha! The list of lessons keep growing!

Desaree Franchon

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