Friday, July 31, 2009

Ha!!! I have a blog! Look out world!!

OMG!!! I have a blog! muhahaha! LOL

Well after deep consideration and thought, it's official I started my blog! My initial idea started from my constant writing notes on Facebook. I figured why not put them in one place that is accessible to everyone (because my FB is private), so here I am! I pray that this blog gives a little more insight on me, but also helps someone else in their time of need as well. If I can help one person then I've accomplished a MAJOR goal. Michael Jackson said it best, heal the world.. make it a better place and I will not leave his words in vain!

Ok now that I've gotten entirely too deep for my hype mood at the moment lol this is my official hello! Thanks for viewing and you WILL NOT be disappointed! Leave comments and check back, I plan to make this my new project considering I have NO JOB lol!

I will be posting some of my past notes from FB as well to give a jump start to the site! Later!

Desaree' Franchon

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